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Moira Barrett

Moira Barrett


Moira helps the team with race day mechanical support and the related logistics, planning, and equipment management. Moira’s storyline with bikes started at home in Chicago where she was just a little too impatient to wait for the bus and wanted a more autonomous mode of transportation. One thing led to another, and when you just keep showing up at the bike shop, sometimes you end up with a job there.

Moira began racingĀ  through friends at the bike shop after the pandemic and immediately fell in love and found every way to get involved. By the end of Moira’s first year of racing, she was competing in ten-day omniums and working the pits for cyclocross world cups and national championships.

When home, Moira will pin numbers to a PSIMET Racing skinsuit and race at any opportunity, as much as fifty days a year, on the road, track, and between the tape on a cyclocross course. Outside of racing Moira has a history of working in and managing service in various bike shops in Chicago and chasing every learning opportunity along the way. The foundation of Moira’s wrenching experience is underscored by a strong DIY work ethic, genuine excitement, and never ending curiosity.

Off the bike, Moira is excited to chat with you about rock climbing, being a gym rat, coffee, the merits of serif fonts, and trains. (yes, the ‘choo-choo’ kind).

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