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Marion Clignet

Marion Clignet


Marion is a six-time cycling world champion, former world-record holder and two-time Olympic silver medalist with more than 350 victories including stage wins and jerseys in the Tour de France Femmes and Giro Feminin. Upon retirement in 2004 from her illustrious racing career, Marion began sharing her knowledge by coaching regional men and women and later became the first woman to coach a Tour de France men’s team as well as amateur and elite women. She is the deputy director of Cyclistes Professionnelles Associés (CPA), an international non-profit association of active pro riders.

Marion has been inspiring young women cyclists for most of her life, showing us all what true grit and passion can do. Read Marion’s story here of how she overcame a diagnosis of epilepsy at the age of 22 to turn her epilepsy into motivation for a world champion’s cycling career. 

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