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Lauren "Biscuit" Wiscomb

Lauren "Biscuit" Wiscomb


Lauren helps the team with race day mechanical support and the related logistics, planning, and equipment management. Lauren brings to the team 12 years of experience as a bike mechanic in shops throughout Chicago and Wisconsin. She learned how to fix bikes the old way, as an apprentice to a very well-established service team of career mechanics in Chicago, and appreciates the art of knowing how to fix things rather than replacing them.

After many years in shops and wrenching for her race-inclined friends, she got the call to work full-time as a race mechanic for Nice Bikes supporting her friends and working alongside them for the U.S. and Belgian pro season in 2022/23. She is now pursuing race mechanicing full-time with Cynisca and is excited to learn more about European road racing.

When she’s not working, Lauren is racing herself, dancing in her kitchen while drinking tea, learning how to fix engines, and doing everything she can to find mountains to climb. She moonlights as a doula when called upon and brings a many-years-long career of her own in sports, various, to our team. Creating community in sport is among her most consistent pursuits and she is excited to bring that to racing at the highest level. 

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