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Anna Hicks

Anna Hicks

Anna Hicks


HOMETOWN: Placerville, California

DOB: 18 December 1999

Anna Hicks is relatively new to cycling with some early successes in the sport including finishing 14th in GC at the Redlands Classic race series 2023. She competed in Division I cross country and track at California Polytechnic State University before discovering her talent and love for cycling. In 2022, Anna stood on three podiums at the Collegiate Cycling National Championships, most notably coming in 2nd in the road race, 2nd in cross country short track and 1st in the National collegiate mountain bike team relay.

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Q&A with Anna:

Education? Certifications?

“B.S. Nutrition Science with a minor in Gerontology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Emergency Medical Technician Certification ”

Is there a profession other than cycling that you would like to pursue one day?

“Nursing specializing in Emergency Medicine”

What attracted you to cycling? Or how did you get started?

“Riding and racing bikes was originally an outlet for me to build self-efficacy and confidence in sport again after numerous running injuries throughout my years training at the D1 level. I was attracted to cycling because of the joy and speed that came along with the hard work. Cycling allowed me to feel powerful and have fun at the same time, appealing to my love of pushing my physical and mental limits while also reaching outside my comfort zone of skills and technique. The feeling of accomplishing something, whether a mountain bike feature, or a hard road ride, has kept me coming back to cycling and driving me to keep pushing my limits. “

What do you consider your strengths in cycling?

“Race tactics, punchy climbs, long hard races of attrition.”

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?

” I love to read, journal, meet new people, and explore new places.”

Where is your favorite place to ride?

“For road riding my favorite place is Highway 1 in California especially through Big Sur & the Central Coast. For mountain biking, one of my favorite places is Santa Cruz, Calif., where I rode a mountain bike for the first time and fell in love with cycling. I also love my hometown trails in the Lake Tahoe area.” 

Any advice to younger girls who want to get into bike racing? ?

” Find joy in the process of challenging yourself. A happy, confident, and mentally tough rider will always be successful. Keep chasing what excites you and inspires you. Never let training metrics, equipment, or other people’s opinions limit your potential or affect your confidence. It’s important to believe in yourself enough to create opportunities that allow you to surprise yourself with what you are capable of. “

What’s your superpower?

“Groundedness, process focussed, and mentally tough.”  

Favorite snack on a long ride?

“Gluten Free Gu Waffles”  

Craziest thing you’ve ever done? 

“Raced Downhill at Collegiate Nationals on a cross-country bike, got last place. But I successfully faced my fear and went outside my comfort zone! Not all achievements can be measured in results”  

What would you like to look back and tell your grandkids you did?

Inspired other people to achieve their dreams and find what makes them feel confident and powerful through exemplifying what a healthy approach to training and racing can achieve.


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